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Unfinished map by BasakTinli Unfinished map by BasakTinli
This a map of a fantasy realm I am building. Since I am no expert in such things I am looking forward to any advice anyone can give me. The main story is going on the big continent and many parts of the world other than that, is undiscovered to the people of the continent.
Well done! It definitely shows you've put quite a lot of effort on this one. Now, I'm not aht epicly awesome at geographic relief, but something just breaks my mind a little. And it's the lower and the upper part. Is this ice or a fog? Because if it's ice, from my knowledge it wouldn't be that blurry.

Of course if it's your world, then it's perfectly explainable.

With the deserts, are there multiple suns? It looks like the desert-line is not really straight, and that island in the middle seems to be sandless.

But other than that, I'd be happy to run an adventure in a world like this. Good job!
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This is a solid effort. My thoughts:

+I like the texture of the ocean.
+The coastline looks good: not too smooth, but not too broken, either.
+The climate variation and use of color is good.
+I like the dark shapes in the water (shark fins? Rocks? Either way, it's a good effect)

Areas for improvement:
-The labels are very small and hard to read, even at full resolution. Consider increasing the font sizes. Also consider labeling geographic features: oceans, mountains, forests, land masses, et cetera. A map or world name would be nice, too.
-The coasts aren't marked consistently. In places, there's a dark line, but in some areas, you use a different method. Consider applying that dark line to all coasts.
-Consider using more variety in the brush strokes and stamps that you use for trees and mountains. Also consider having them overlap more
-Consider adding a compass rose.
-If this is a global map, consider having the ice caps go across the entirety of the top and bottom.If you were to wrap this map around a sphere, the ice caps would have an hourglass shape when viewed from the polar direction.
-Consider re-looking the river flow in the middle-north continent. Rivers generally don't run parallel to a coast, unless there's significant topography forcing them to. Nor do they tend to flow between mountains when there is a sea nearby.
-Consider how your lakes and inland seas are fed and formed. A lake in the middle of a land mass should at least have inlets (if it's dead end, like the Dead Sea or Caspian Sea) or inlets and outlets (like the Great Lakes or Lake Victoria).
-Consider using some color or shade variation to show more topography. Mountains tend to be rocky, with white caps. Different plants grow at different elevations.
-Consider adding some white tundra and arctic effects to the southernmost coasts.

Parting thought: What makes this world you're creating special? What are the defining themes? What kinds of people live there? What level of technology do they have? What kinds of conflicts drive them? Really good fantasy maps aren't just tools for orienting the viewer to the geography. They foreshadow and frame events, issues, obstacles, and in-world history. The areas for improvement above are mostly technical in nature, but the embellishments and details that give character are what will make your map memorable. There are all sorts of ways to communicate this: label font selection, style of compass rose and scale marking, choice of icons, and suggestive names, to name a few.

You've put a lot of work into this map, and it's functional enough to run a game or write a story. With some more work, though, this map could be a primer to the imagination and a really neat piece of art to look at, as well as a useful reference. I hope this helps.
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31iza Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is really cool! Great conceptual art.
BasakTinli Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013
thanks for the fave : )
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August 25, 2013
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